KN FISHING is the passion of fishing reflected in the fishing tackle industry. We carry the spirit of fishing, finding the best products and delivery them exactly on your door step everywhere around the world! We share your passion for high quality products at affordable prices; your passion for innovation is our passion too!
At KN FISHING all fisherman are welcome; we can satisfy all your fishing needs with one goal: Respect the sea, Respect the lakes and Respect the fish and the environment! Wish you all a pleasant stay at our online shop, please feel free to contact us for any information. After all, we are all a big fishing family!
KN Fishing e-shop is the place where a fisherman can find anything he wants for all kinds of fishing, covering all his fishing needs!!
We can satisfy all your fishing needs with one goal: Respect the sea, Respect the lakes and Respect the fish and the environment!
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We can deliver the items you need at any place of the world. We only use secure shipping methods and always provide a tracking number. You can use your tracking number and check the status of your item at any time online or by calling the local post office.



Yuki is an innovative brand, producing the best fishing products in the market. Located at Barcelona, Spain, Yuki brand is synonymous to high quality/best value for money products. Yuki is a leading brand on surfcasting competitions and the field of sport fishing in general.

Sponsoring the top anglers in the world is not a coincidence; Yuki is the brand name every professional fisherman wants to carry. Yuki presents a set of all needs and expectations that every day each of you transmits to the team Yuki; which coupled to Yuki passion for innovation.




The TEAMXZOGA® is a group of professional rod builders and veteran anglers with over 20 years of experiences in sport fishing industry that had been always dedicated to new innovative ideas and challenges, evaluated and professionally designed, engineered to create a new trend.

XZOGA®, a name that known for its uniqueness, a brand that known for its quality and superiority, a product that create another great heights for all professional anglers, it is an ultimate weapon for a perfect professionally you! The XZOGA® was born for that!




How did it all begin? Fiiish is a young French company, born from the passion of a fanatical angler/graphic designer, Matthieu Guennal. For many years he has designed and made his own fishing lures at home, spent hours on the water testing and then modifying them.

In 2008 he had a serious talk with his brother Pierre who lives in China looking into starting a brand new project. Jump to May 2010, the Black Minnow was ready for a test on the well-developed and highly competetive French (sea) bass market, and to support this new venture, Fiiish was created.




Sport fishing is a form of recreational fishing where the primary reward is the challenge of finding and catching the fish rather than the culinary or financial value of the fish's flesh. The philosophies and tactics used are usually sufficiently different from "food fishing" to make the distinction clear enough.

Sport fishing methods vary according to the area, the species, the personal strategies and the resources, ranging from the aristocratic art of fly fishing, to the high-tech, incredibly expensive methods used to chase marlin and tuna. In every case, however, the fishing is done with hooks, rods and reels.



Revolutionary products and brands all in just one e-shop!

Revolutionary products and brands like XZOGA spinning and jigging rods, YUKI surfcasting and sport fishing equipment, FIIISH patented silicon lures, MAVER top quality float fishing equipment, HOTS superb jigs, TAILWALK amazing soft bait spinning rods, DAIWA top quality fishing reels, MV Teflon spools, MIKADO huge range of fishing products, TURKANA luminous sinkers, SHOUT and SASAME super strong hooks, DTD top value for money squid jigs and many more brands! All in just one e-shop!!