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The Hots R2 jigs are intended for the Slow Jigging fishing style and have become a "legendary" model for the Japanese company. R2 have brought unimaginable results to the friends of Slow Jigging even on days when ... nothing seems to work well.

Like all Hots jigs, the R2s produce an excellent motion and a slow sinking behavior, so they stay longer in the target zone in order to provoke the reaction even from weary fish. Their uniqueness lays in a combination of features, such as their realistic image, intense movement, natural sinking, etc.

R2 Jig has been developed with Mr.Riichiro Hiasa and he has tested it many times at his good fishing points like Ise-gulf and the Hokuriku area facing the Sea of Japan. It is designed as a compact shape and it has a sharp body edge like a wing.
The body shape makes a low water-resistance, and its wobbling action with micro-undulation under a slow pitch action or a long fall action allows to appeal for a long time. This body action is especially effective for a low motivated target, furthermore it also shows the talent for the kinds of yellowtails, hairtail, sea bream and rock fishes.
R2 jig has a center weight-balanced body with asymmetrical shape. The body shape with gentle curves and sharpen edges together allows to react instantaneously against a slight rod action.

The final result is very impressive and the reflections of light are seen up to a depth of 20 meters. Their big advantage is the light water resistance during retrieve, but also the variety of motions that an angler can make them reproduce. Use them in Long Fall moves, but they also respond extremely well to High Pitch.

Hots R2 are jigs with sharp sliding action and slow on the descent, great for all predatory species. They are ideal for Slow Jigging and they can make sluggish fish react to their unique movement pattern.

Nevertheless, we have to reveal a secret about these jigs, as they are one of the first choices of Jigging enthusiasts and the reason is because they simply catch fish. With the Y2 jigs you can try several fishing variations, but you will get the most strikes when the jig sinks freely. The construction materials and the way they have been combined, allow the jig to sink in a horizontal position. It is then when most attacks will take place. What does this mean; Hots Y2 is not a technical jig. It does not require expensive equipment to give it any specific movement. You can catch fish regardless of the technical characteristics of your gear, or your level of experience.

R2 can also perform with Shore Jigging, with the same usage mentality. Allow it to sink freely, recover to ascend to the upper layers of the water column and allow it to sink again, always being careful of possible contact with the seabed and the risk of entanglement.

Last but not least, it is equipped with an awesome holographic finish.


Technical Characteristics

  • Superior Quality
  • Durable Construction & Finish
  • Leaf Shape Butterfly Style Flutter Jig
  • Sharp Knife Edges
  • Diamond Side + Smooth Side
  • Works best with a slow lift & drop jigging action , reacts to the slightest rod input.
  • Super Reflective or Glow Finish
  • Ideal for working shallow to mid depths

Length: 8.7cm

Weight: 120gr


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