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The new member of the acclaimed Espetit family, a minnow to scout shallow zones in pursuit of seabass and other predators looking for their prey at shallow waters near the shore.

Perfect for fishing on beaches with sunken obstacles, bays and shallow banks, where the surface is covered by weed and you can't fish with topwater lures but a sinking one would get continuously snagged on the bottom.

On low-light conditions the Shallow Runner will move forward leaving a highly noticeable wave due to its inner rattling and an emblazing flash thanks to its rolling action. Also, it will keep a perfect stability due to its ballast weight transfer.

Designed with seabass on mind, but also deadly for bluefish, barracuda, amberjack, leerfish and flatfish. Armed with #4X trebles, this floating demon dives down to 0.2-0.6 meters deep.

A lure which every serious fisherman must have as it can change a bad fishing day into the day you will never forget.

This is a lure that has been designed for highly technical fishing, of distrustful, difficult to fool with stick baits, prey.

The Espetit by Fishus designed by Lurenzo casts well if it is really something we need, but the good turn up right after. Unlike other WTD, it stays on top of the water in a horizontal position, something that is probably very important when we want predators to attack a standing lure.

Surely you have found yourselves in those circumstances, the sea bass follow the lure, sometimes we notice, sometimes not, and they kill when it has been standing still for a few seconds. Well in that scenario the Espetit by Fishus designed by Lurenzo, sincerely, shines.

His favorite scene is the water with no much commotion, waves or strong winds, even glass still, like those sunrises or sunsets in which the wind seems to have never existed.

He moves with the first touch, no false starts or indecision, and on his way leaves a trail of bubbles behind that certainly does not go unnoticed. And it sounds.

The rattlin model has small spheres that emit a rather crystalline sound that attracts attention and irritates predators without bugging them.

The Lurenzo Espetit has two cavities, that allow water to move through them and generate a trail of bubbles that it emits on-the-go, creating a lifelike image.

Fishus has equipped the Espetit with an inner, rattling system, so when it needs to attract attention, the sound generated is at a frequency that provokes the reaction of predators. Overall, the Espetit is a lure that will allow us to fish for a long time, as it can adopt to the demanded conditions and retrieval techniques, project a lifelike image, be silent, or create commotion, vibrate, flash, in a short space, hence it is only a matter of finding the right pattern, necessary to activate the predatorial instincts of nearby fish.

The Espetit is a weapon that will allow any topwater fishing enthusiast provoke the reaction of the most difficult predators.

A note about the colors of Espetit by Fishus designed by Lurenzo, according to availability, you will find them all in the shop.

Technical Characteristics

  • Size: 120mm
  • Length: 12.0cm
  • Weight: 21gr
  • Treble Hooks: #4
  • Type: Floating

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