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The Sonio 100M was developed by Zenaq to cover more than one fishing technique, the rod which can master the spinning and shore jigging techniques at the same time!

The Zenaq Muthos Sonio 100M RG rod has been developed, based on the same philosophy as its Accura predecessor, with the main difference being that the Accura is a purebred Heavy-Duty rod, while the Sonio 100M has great power, while remaining a technical rod at its core. The Sonio 100M was developed by Zenaq to cover more than one fishing technique. Zenaq went to the drawing board and designed the Sonio almost from the beginning, to develop the most versatile rod ever made.

It is a fact, that with the Zenaq Muthos Sonio 100M one can work effectively any type of lure, such as jigs, hard baits and silicones. It has the perfect action to handle any type of artificial bait, in the weight range from 10 to 100 gr, in an impressive manner, as well as the management of braids starting at PE# 1.0 - 3.0. The Zenaq Sonio rod will provide solutions in many different fishing conditions and meet the needs of the most demanding anglers

With its Fast Tip action, it enables hard baits to accomplish the ideal movement underwater, the increased casting distance and the immediacy in strikes. Fishing with a Zenaq Sonio rod produces an amazing feeling to the angler when handling hard artificial baits, as he can sense even the motion of underwater currents that can affect the motion of the lure.

Zenaq has created the Sonio 100M, with the aim of developing a technical rod, which can handle equally well, light lures for relaxing fishing sessions and at the same time to possess the necessary strength to face really big opponents. Never before had sensitivity and strength been so harmoniously balanced in the development of a rod.

The last guide on the tip, referred to as the “Assist Guide” in the RG Guide System, is always placed 4cm from the tip. Zenaq has determined this to be the optimal distance to prevent line from wrapping around the blank, just before the tip guide, a frequent annoyance with other guide layouts, that robs you of valuable fishing time. Now, even during windy days, you can concentrate on fishing knowing that line wrapping around the rod is a concern of the past, with the RG Guide System.

In summary, the RG Guide System (LC) offers the following unique benefits:

  • Cast farther than ever before. The RG Guide System allows for longer casting distances to be achieved, than ever before. The small diameter and the exact positioning of the guides suppress line spirals while the small decreased distance between guides allows PE lines to shoot straight through the entire layout, with absolutely minimal friction. This becomes especially apparent in adverse weather conditions, as this system greatly decreases resistance on the line, due to strong winds.
  • Less line troubles. The RG Guide System also decreases PE line troubles dramatically. The guides’ spacing and small ring diameter work together to suppress line oscillation, so even the thinnest PE braids can pass through the guides in a straight line. On top of that, the last guide at the tip of the rod, has been placed 40mm from the tip, aiming to eliminate all line wrapping around the end of the rod.
  • Maximum rod power performance. Due to the close guide spacing along the blank, the braid follows the natural curve of the blank very closely when bent. As a result, more of the blank’s power can be accessed, which allows the angler to set hooks more efficiently and fight fish which bring the reel’s drag force to its limit. At the same time, the guides’ setting enable the blank to absorb more of the fish’s fighting power and avoid line breaks.
  • Delicate and precision in controlling the lure. By minimizing slack line, in between the guides, the RG Guide System greatly improves smoothness and precision in lure control. Lures are much more responsive to the slightest command from your rod and the angler can derive more accuracy in the lure’s action, with much less effort.
  • Exquisite sensitivity. For the same reason that lure control is improved, the strike detection and overall sensitivity offered by the RG Guide System are second to none. The ultra-light weight of the small, titanium-framed guides exclusively used in the RG Guide System also improve the rod’s recovery speed to its original state.

There is a variety of undetermined factors, that can potentially affect the desire of fish, to go after some kind of lure (current conditions, phase of the moon, atmospheric pressure, wind changes). Hence every angler is being asked to solve a puzzle and “unlock” the fish, using different types of baits (jigs, minnows, pencils, top waters). Since it is impossible to transport one rod for each fishing style, the Sonio 100M is the ideal option, one that can handle all types of baits perfectly. During testing, the Zenaq Muthos Sonio 100M demonstrated that it can handle jigs starting at 35 gr to 90 gr and hard lures from 25 g to 70 g.

The Muthos Sonio 100M is a Zenaq rod that can find its place in any fishing terrain.

Length: 3.05m

Sections: 2

Transport Length: 1.58m

Casting Weight:  Jig 10-100gr, Lure 10-70gr

PE: 1.0-3.0

Weight: 288gr

Reel Seat: FUJI DPS-20

Guides: FUJI RG

Grip Lengths:

  • A: 79cm
  • B: 49.5cm
  • C: 25cm

All rods are been carefully checked before packing to make sure all guides are in great condition and the blank is brand new with no scratches. We always ship rods which are on their original packaging at our warehouse and we never ship out rods which have been on our retail stores exhibition. The rods will get packed into hard tubes which will make sure the rods will be safe during transportation, no matter how far away you are.

We ship WORLDWIDE to the US, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA from our base at Cyprus (European Union country).

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