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The Zenaq Muthos Accura 100H is a high specs, high performance, all-round, Shore Jigging rod, that enables the angler to practice different styles, with just one rod.

The Defi Muthos range consists of high quality shore casting rods from renowned Japanese rod manufacturer Zenaq. The Accura 100H is built to cast small to medium sized lures up to Max 150g and fish lines up to PE# 5 making it well perfect to target a huge range of species of the rocks. The Accura models in Zenaq range are built as an all rounder shore casting rod to work everything from jigs to poppers. The crisp blanks that have plenty of power in the bottom end to turn a fish away from structure when needed. The rod features quality Fuji Titanium KWSG Guides and components and an extremely sensitive blank made in the Zenaq factory in Japan. The Accura 100H is perfect for casting lures at kingfish, mackerel, GTs and tuna off the rocks.

Our field test has been kept on going while all this time of 15 years, and the polished fishing technics and new philosophy made a further evolution on a rod. It's great potential was unveiled in the field. In tough condition of fishing from shore, MUTHOS Accura landed a Bluefin tuna of 55kg in Japan. 

We believe the reason why our customers say “you should try ZENAQ rod once”, its because our products are always from the real demand from the real field, not only by ideas on a paper.



The Muthos Accura100H is a fast action rod. That means that the angler must adapt his technique according to the aggressive character of the rod. When I used the Muthos Accura 100H for the first time, after using for a long time the Muthos 96HH, that is a moderate action rod, I had trouble getting strikes. In the end, I figured out that this fast action rod, needs much less angle of movement in order to give proper action to the jig. The response of the jig is instant, so even with half pitch jerks, the jig reacts perfectly even in the deeper levels of the water column. At the same time it is a sensitive and not a stiff rod. The Accura 100H can become extremely technical and help the angler understand and extract all the qualities of each jig. With a rod like this, it is easy to use blade jigs, as well as shorter, or even Slow Jigging lures. It works perfectly with jigs starting at 70 gr up to 150 gr and to depths between 15 and 50m. The rod’s kickback is so powerful that actually sets the hook by itself, with minimal effort. The same goes for the casting distance. The Zenaq Muthos Accura 100H produces an outstanding casting performance that will positively surprise the angler. With minimum effort, the rod performs an explosive casting that reaches lengths of 100m easily, with jigs of 100gr.



The Muthos Accura 100H has been designed with the modern style of shore fishing in mind and can be perfectly combined with both jigs and lures. The fast action of the rod, allows the angler to use a very wide variety of lures, including big Minnows, Sinking Pencils, Top Water and Softbaits. Casting a Popper, or a Jighead with a silicon lure is more enjoyable than ever and the rod transfers in real time all the details from the lure to the angler’s hand.

The Zenaq Muthos Accura H comes with the standard Fuji T-KWSG guides. Every guide is double footed and double wrapped to last a long time. An ocean top T-NMST is used as its top guide.


Length: 3.05m

Sections: 2

Transport Length: 1.58m

Casting Weight:  Jig 30-200gr, Lure 30-120gr

PE: 2.0-5.0

Weight: 350gr

Guides: FUJI K

Grip Lengths:

  • A: 84cm
  • B: 49.5cm
  • C: 30cm

All rods are been carefully checked before packing to make sure all guides are in great condition and the blank is brand new with no scratches. We always ship rods which are on their original packaging at our warehouse and we never ship out rods which have been on our retail stores exhibition. The rods will get packed into hard tubes which will make sure the rods will be safe during transportation, no matter how far away you are.

We ship WORLDWIDE to the US, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA from our base at Cyprus (European Union country).

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