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When it comes to bite detection alarms, the Cobra are the best on the market.

Cobra is made in Greece by a dedicated team which designs and produce top of the art products for fishing. Their expertise is to create optic and sound alarms for surfcasting and carp fishing. 

The Cobra 1 Surf Alarm is considered as the top of the range product of this brand, as it combines both sound alarm and light alarm.

You can adjust the Cobra 1 Surf easily on any kind of rod with a simple move. The Cobra has 2 buttons with  on / off features. The first button controls the sound (ON / OFF) and the second button controls the lights (ON / OFF). 

Above the buttons you will see 2 lights, both lights goes on when you get a bite but the second light keeps flashing for 30 more seconds to make sure that the fisherman will see it! Flashing button is at Green color.

The Cobra 1 Surf Alarm is super sensitive on bite detection but it will never go on from the wind or the waves. It is specially designed to detect the bite when the rod shakes in the horizontal position. This feature makes it impossible to give a false alarm if the rod is shaking from the wind!

On the side of Cobra 1 Surf Alarm there is a transparent cover to an opening. Take the cover off and immediately you turn the volume up 5 times more than once you have the opening covered! This provides the fisherman the possibility to keep the alarm in low volume when the fishermen do not like other fishermen around to know if he is getting any fish, but at the same time you can have the volume high once you do not have any other fishermen around.

Once you get a bite you can easily turn off the alarm by pressing the first ON / OFF button and start reeling in your rig. No need to take the COBRA alarm off the rod as it clips really good at the rod. Moreover, the fisherman does not need to take off COBRA alarm when is about to cast. The COBRA alarm is designed in a way it will not fall off the rod while casting or retrieving your rigs but at the same time it will not damage the rod when clipping on it.



- Waterproof switches

- 95db internal speaker with protective housing laminated

- insulated peg that does not hurt the stem

- LED light indicators

- Color White with Greek flag



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