SEAGUAR NEOX FLUOROCARBON LINE 50m (0.104mm - 0.330mm)
SEAGUAR NEOX FLUOROCARBON LINE 50m (0.104mm - 0.330mm)
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Hand in hand with the Japanese company Kureha CHEMICALS (inventor and world leader in sales of lines), and qualified engineers, who years after years researched all the features of fluorocarbon lines and evolve into new prototypes based on the implementation of numerous test, developed the ‘NEOX SEAGUAR’-YUKI, with technical features than no fluorocarbon developed so far. Applying the high end technology in the manufacture of lines, this line provides great invisibility (degree of refraction) and resistance (strength fish).

YUKI’s experience in the fishing market has led to the creation of ‘NEOX SEAGUAR’ –YUKI line, a real discovery: more invisible, more durable, lighter, softer, more competitive and more innovative. This top fluorocarbon has been obtained by improving the exclusive resins and extrusion technology, making it the strongest, longest lasting and most invisible line in the fishing market. The dream for the most demanding fishermen, the best fluorocarbon ever manufactured.


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