MIKADO SQUARED PVA BAGS 100 x 125mm 20pcs
MIKADO SQUARED PVA BAGS 100 x 125mm 20pcs
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Designed for exact feeding while sea fishing or freshwater fishing.

Produced in different shapes and sizes. It comes with wholes and closing.

Good quality PVA, can be used for match fishing, feeder, carpfishing or casting. Good performance in both freshwater and saltwater. Just fill these rounded PVA bags with any type of groundbait or food and cast it at the exact point you like to bring the fish into. Wait for about 5 minutes and the bag will 100% melt and drop the food at the bottom. 

Repeat this procedure as many times as you think is needed to bring the fish at the area and of course to keep them there.


Dimensions: 100 x 125 mm
Quantity per pack: 20pcs


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