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Can a Bukva type of squid jig bring a revolution in Eging, by achieving the longest possible casts and the wider area covered from the shore? DTD presented at the 2019 Efttex, the DTD Ballistic Bukva, as an Inn Shore Squid Jig that has no match in its casting abilities. In 2020, DTD extended the Ballistic family to include the Real Fish range, with the amazing natural colors already proven in catching squids.

Although its shape and size refer to a squid jig to be used from a boat, the DTD Ballistic Real Fish is in reality a lure, the design of which has been based on actual observations of Eging Anglers, who were using Ultra Type, instead of Egi squid jigs.

The DTD Ballistic is by far the most effective squid jig in achieving long, casting distance and helps you cover more water surface. In particular and based on tests conducted by DTD, the casting distance of the Ballistic is 40% longer than Eging squid jigs and allows you to cover 96% larger area. The shape of the Ballistic is longer and thinner, resembling a bullet that explodes from your rod.

The Ballistic Real Fish squid jigs, blend in with the aquatic environment due to their natural colors and are friendly to squids. But DTD did not stop there. The Real Fish squid jigs resemble fish that is injured, or has been attacked by the Anilocra Physodes parasite and as a result has been weakened, or is slower in its reactions. This makes the fish look more vulnerable and subject to an attack by a squid.

In order to increase casting distance further, the Ballistic Real Fish is equipped with aerodynamic silicone fins. The behavior of these fins in the sea is very similar to the behavior of real fish fins.

The internal part of the DTD Ballistic hides another patent, which is thoroughly explained below and involves the DTD Moving Weight Technology.

Technical Characteristics

  • Special Body Design (Slim body, Less Air resistance)
  • Extra Strong Body
  • Long Cast System
  • Moving Weight Technology
  • 40% increased Casting Distance
  • 96% increased Catching Area
  • Natural Colors
  • With Fish Parasite
  • Active Silicone Fins
  • Luminous Body
Product Code Size Weight Length Sinking Speed Colors
10806 3.0B 14.6 gr 9 cm 6.5 sec / m SO, M, SG, PO, T, ST

Usage Instructions

Step 1

Take a Ballistic squid jig in your hand and hold it from the head, so the jig's belly is "looking" towards the palm of your hand. If you are holding the jig, the other way round, it will not work. Shake your hand downwards (15 - 20 cm) and the inner weight will move from the head, to the tail. You will hear the clicking sound (fig 1).

Step 2

Cast a DTD Ballistic Squid jig with your rod (fig 2). During the flight, the Ballistic squid jig flies straight (like a bullet), without swinging in the air. Casting distance can reach 40% longer than standard squid jigs.


It is very important that the inner weight before and during the flight is in the tail of the Ballistic squid jig.

Step 3

When the DTD Ballistic squid jig falls into the sea, the inner weight is in the tail and the jig sinks in an unbalanced manner (fig 3). After a few seconds of sinking, you can begin your retrieve in a slow motion. The Ballistic Bukva will come to a horizontal position, the internal weight will move from the tail to the head and the squid jig will regain its balance (fig 4).


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