YUKI STRONG LANDING NET 65cm x 60cm x 210cm
YUKI STRONG LANDING NET 65cm x 60cm x 210cm
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Scoop up your big catch with the Yuki Landing Net. The triangular design makes it easier to swing underwater and saves you effort.

The Yuki telescopic landing net is an one-piece, folding design that makes it's transport and storage easy. It is convenient and fast to fold and unfold.

Made of corrosion resistant aluminum pole, treated with fine plating process on the surface instead of paint spraying. This is more eco-friendly and durable. With antislip grip handle and lanyard on the end.

Equipped with durable, strong, quick drying, non-abrasive nylon mesh to ensure no damage will be done to the fish.

Extra strong anodized aluminum landing net, nylon head with water repellent treatment.

Technical Characteristics

  • Product Code: L308
  • Length: 2.10m
  • Sections: 2
  • Ring Dimensions: 65cm x 60cm x 210cm

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