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Strong, off set Chinu hooks, ideal for fish baits when targeting larger fish, also great for the top hook of a pennel rig.

The Yuki CX05 are extra light and extra strong, ideal for competition fishing. The CX05 are a top choice amongst Surf Casting fishermen for delicate worms and fast competition fishing. Deep, vertical boat fishing enthusiasts, will also find a dependable hook, with sharp penetration properties.

They are perfect for making Assist Hooks for jigs of every kind, but especially for Slow Jigging. Also ideal, thanks to their very low weight, to be rigged as extra hooks on the tails of various silicon lures. They are made in Japan, following the latest developments in technology, the Yuki hooks are the perfect choice for sea fisherman.

This is a great series of hooks, in black/carbon color that have been chemically sharpened and have acquired an extra sharp puncturing tip of great strength, with great penetration properties. The Yuki CX05 hooks are very light, but strong and thus ideal for many fishing techniques, such as Shore Casting, casting live baits, Live Bait rigging and also meet the requirements for Shore Jigging and Slow Jigging from the boat.

With the CX05 we can create the ideal Assist Hooks for our jigs, but also an add them on the tail of our silicon lures, as these will not be affected one instant by their presence. The special carbon alloy the Yuki CX05 are made of a special combination of carbon material that offers the highest resistance, even against extreme fish opposition, ensures high breaking point and their finishing lasts for many fishing sessions, without the slightest corrosion problem.

Technical Characteristics

  • Kirbied
  • Up Eye
  • Black Nickel
  • Model: CX05
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Made in Japan

More information on this video: https://bit.ly/2XVcb5u

Quantity per size:

No.8, No.7, No.6: 17pcs

No.5: 16pcs

No.4: 15pcs

No.3: 14pcs

No.2, No.1: 12pcs

No.1/0: 10pcs

No.2/0: 9pcs

No.3/0: 7pcs

No.4/0: 6pcs

No.5/0: 5pcs


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