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The ADC Hookair originates from Brazil and has been available in the European market for a few years. The Hookair is designed to neatly store pre-tied hook lengths that can be extracted, without tangling on the beach and added to trace bodies.

The ADC hookair is the perfect solution for storing pre-tied hook lines. It is a compact and simple, but very well thought-out system! Stick your loose hook lines on the foam, close the lid and turn it. The lines then wind up inside the system. Neat and clear! When you need a rig, you can simply pull it out of the system by the hook.

One more product from ADC Sport Fishing Technology, especially designed to accommodate your ready hooks with the maximum comfort and practicality never seen before. Available in several colors, allowing for a convenient arrangement of your ready hook lines by size and model.

100% quality product assured by ADC, manufactured in Brazil.

Technical features:

  • Ready-to-use dispenser. 
  • Individual weight: 55 g.
  • Rotary drive. 
  • Made of plastic and EVA foam. 
  • Includes two EVA-100 units. 
  • Dimensions: Ø 27 x 95 mm.

Also available at colors RED, ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW

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